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Whether you’re looking for a single office month-to-month or for an office suite with a longer term, we can accommodate you.

Film House is a film production company that proudly owns its own 40,000 square foot studio and office building conveniently located on the highest point in MetroCenter. We’re minutes from downtown and seconds from I-65.

We’ve always rented space to others, including a diverse range of professionals and other film-related companies. Our tenants include attorneys, counselors, financial advisors, healthcare companies, music companies and leading non-profits. Film industry-related tenants are an insert studio, an audio sweetening company and several other production companies. Along with our film studio, we have everything you need to make a movie under one roof. You’ll find the folks who work at Film House and our tenants to be a friendly, diverse and collegial group.

We designed our building to be a creative and welcoming oasis. With the beautiful, plant-filled atrium, natural wood and a unique passive-solar design that allows sunlight to pour in during the winter, you know immediately upon entering that Film House is a special space.

Some of the other benefits aren’t so visible, but you’ll come to appreciate them too. Unlike developers who build office buildings to wring every last dollar out of their investment by crowding everything in, we designed Film House to be a place we love to come to, which is important when you work as many hours as we sometimes do.

So we made all the bathrooms single and private. It takes up a lot more space, but it’s also a lot more civilized.

We oversized the ductwork throughout the building, so the HVAC system is virtually silent. It cost us more, but you’ll be amazed at the calming effect it has.

We used solid core wood doors and sound insulation in all the walls to make each office a private sanctuary.

We care about sustainability, so we were one of the first (in 2010) to install solar panels on our roof. We also replaced every light in the building with LEDs to save energy and provide better light. And the large number of plants in the building improves the indoor air quality while adding beauty.

We use all-inclusive pricing, so the price we quote you includes everything (unlike most commercial landlords who typically lure folks with a low quoted price but than add on lots of extra charges.)

So our internet is free. We’re one of the few office buildings offering redundant gigabit internet for both downloads and uploads, with both AT&T and Google Fiber to the building. Every office is wired for Ethernet and there are redundant wireless routers throughout the building. We also have a fulltime internet guru on staff, so you’ll never have to wait on tech.

Our tenants have free use of our conference room and meeting spaces as well as our kitchens.

Plus a friendly receptionist to greet your visitors and sign for your deliveries.

And while we’re talking about free – how about free parking, free utilities and free coffee.

Our tenants also have 24/7 access. We can even provide office furniture at no charge.

But unlike co-working spaces, every Film House tenant has their own private locking office that’s exclusively for their own use.

And here’s the best part – we let our tenants set the term of their lease, even month-to-month. We were tenants before we became landlords and we know how scary it can be to sign a long-term lease. At Film House you don’t have to.

So whether you’re looking for a single office or need a larger suite, fill out the contact form or call us at 615-255-4000. We’d love to show you our beautiful building and welcome you to Film House.

Individual offices start at $775/month, but space is filling fast. Currently our least expensive available office is $900/month.