Film House office directory

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Nashville Women in Film & TV101
Chase Brown102
True Vine Publishing103
Marcus Johnson/Johnson Cap104
FBC Mortgage105
Terrance Holt/Credit Bros106
Tammy Stone107
Guidance Enterprises108
New Vision109
De Lane & Company110
De Lane & Company111
A Personal Transport112
Renee Hill113
De Lane & Company114
De Lane & Company115
De Lane & Company116
Samuel McDonough117
Lil Dragon118
Liz Johnson119
Film House&Lil Dragon120
Studio Storage121
2nd FLOORSuite #
TN Voice Over Studios201
Music City Med/Alphonso202
Music City Med/Alphonso204
2nd Conference Room205
Ryan Apparel206
Associated Couriers207
Lisa Beavers209
Jasmine Morgan210
George Livingston211
Keisha Bean212
Mike Miciak213
Opry Medical214
Catherine Taylor215
Knew Lab LLC216
Smith Sholar Miliken217
Chris Hugan218
NPALL North219
SIFT Creative220
Big Finish221
Bizable TV/Underdog Film222
Opry Medical – Storage223
Wyatt and Kylie224
SIFT Creative225
Information Security Training226
2 1/2Suite #
Nashville Acting Studio2 1/2
Compass East2 1/2
Film House – storage2 1/2
3rd FLOORSuite #
Lullify Inc301
Lullify Inc302
C4 Operations303
365 Works LLC304
353 Media305
Tavianna Patterson & Ayne W.306
365 Works LLC307
Eric Staples309
Stanfill Law310
Nashville Conflict Resolution311
Ken Lass312
Tyler Construction313
The Masker Firm (Curt Masker)314
Law Office of John Day315
Elizabeth Anderson316
FocusWorks/Kinslow Law317
Film House – Paul318
e3 Wealth319
Film House – Janitorial320A
Empower Music Therapy321
NPALL – office323
NPALL – studio & booth324

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor